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Declaration of Lisbon*



On this day of May 8th, a prominent international group of animal researchers, veterinarians, ethicists and regulators gathered in Lisbon, Portugal, to evaluate the costs and benefits of animal testing. Upon review of the available data on the subject, they decided to make the statement below.


We declare the following: ''While recognizing that animal testing has long been a traditional component of biomedical research, it has become clearly apparent that the returns on investment in animal research are increasingly meager. To the extent that this type of research may continue, it is our recommendation that it be carried out after giving institutional committees, independent expert third party animal ethics committees, funding organizations and relevant regulatory authorities evaluating the proposed research (collectively 'The Parties') a more realistic and evidence-based estimate of the likely costs and benefits of the proposed protocols. Experimental animals should be filmed at all times and The Parties should have the option to view any footage they wish, to ensure that the proposed or approved research follows authorized and funded protocols, thus maximizing animal welfare and societal returns on investment in this research.''


Lisbon, Portugal, May 8th 2015.



* The Declaration of Lisbon was initiated and written by Dr. Philip Low, edited by Dr. Andrew Knight, Dr. João Barroso and Dr. Philip Low and was ratified at the II International Conference of Alternatives to Animal Experimentation in Lisbon, Portugal, on May 8 2015.

The original Declaration of Lisbon

Dr. Philip Low introduces the Declaration of Lisbon which is warmly received by the animal researchers, ethicists, veterinarians and regulators gathered at the conference.

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