The Portuguese Society for Humane Education (SPEdH) was born in Lisbon, 2006, after the common need to act on society's 'conscience', making it more empathic and humane.

Its main goals are promoting the comprehension for the need of respecting people, animals and the environment, recognizing the interdependence of all living beings through:

  • Promoting meetings, lectures and conferences;

  • Attribution of merit scholarships to students who want to enroll in courses and/or participate in international congresses;

  • The development of programs and educational tools for teachers, students, college applicants, and professionals;

  • Casual education;

  • Cooperation with national and international organizations whose goals succeed in promoting humane education;

  • Developing awareness actions and educational activities.

Cada um pode mudar o mundo partindo do princípio que o mundo começa em si mesmo.

Tlf : +351 966 415 345

Email :


Rua dos Leques Bloco 4E 1ºDto

2925-604 Brejos de Azeitão


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Get Social with us!



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