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Coordinators for Roots and Shoots Portugal

Constança Carvalho, Inês Pimenta e Mariana Crespo


What is Roots & Shoots?

The Roots & Shoots program is about making positive change happen—for our people, for animals and for the environment. With tens of thousands of young people in more than 120 countries, the Roots & Shoots network connects youth of all ages who share a desire to create a better world. Young people identify problems in their communities and take action. Through service projects, youth-led campaigns and an interactive website, Roots & Shoots members are making a difference across the globe.













What Makes Roots & Shoots Unique?

An Inspiring, Compassionate Founder

Roots & Shoots is guided by the founding principles and extraordinary vision ofDr. Jane Goodall, renowned primatologist, environmentalist and humanitarian. Her firm belief that young people, when informed and empowered, when they realize that what they do truly makes a difference, can indeed change the world, is at the very heart of our program. This powerful message of hope inspires us all. Our program—dedicated to inspiring tomorrow's leaders today—not only motivates young people to learn about pertinent issues facing our local and global communities, but helps them actually design, lead and implement their own projects as a means of solving them.

A Flexible, Fun Program

With Roots & Shoots, the possibilities are as varied as young people's imaginations! Our flexible model lets members customize projects to meet their individual and group needs. Roots & Shoots members take action all over the world, wherever people come together with a common desire to make a difference—in classrooms, home schools, nature centers, neighborhoods, refugee camps, zoos, scout troops and beyond. This powerful, youth-driven network fosters a fun, flexible and supportive environment where young people and adults alike come together to share ideas and inspiration, implement successful community service projects and participate in special events and global campaigns.

A Powerful Global Network

Roots & Shoots offers a wealth of resources and networking opportunities for kids, teens, parents, educators, college students, group leaders and supporters alike. Our uniquely designed program connects people of every age, race, culture, religion or economic background in a vibrant global network and offers opportunities for every individual to:​

  • Learn about environmental, animal and humanitarian issues affecting our world

  • Share insights, ideas and inspiration for making positive change

  • Grow in ways that enrich lives—as individuals, as members of the local community and as global citizens of our world.​

  • It all starts with YOU. Become a Roots & Shoots Member today!

Roots creep underground everywhere and make a firm foundation. Shoots seem very weak, but to reach the light, they can break open brick walls. Imagine that the brick walls are all the problems we have inflicted on our planet. Hundreds of thousands of roots & shoots, hundreds of thousands of young people around the world, can break through these walls. We CAN change the world.

Dr Jane Goodall

Roots & Shoots Portugal

The group "Rebentos, Raízes e Cabrinhas", created on the 2nd Roots & Shoots workshop in Sintra, is currently trying to implement a project defending the preservation of shepherding areas, with the intent of promoting the conservation and appreciation of the rural landscape of Sintra's mountain ranges.

1. Teaching and promoting environmental awareness: Development of educational projects allowing schools to be more proactive in terms of defending the environment.
2. Conservation of biodiversity: Conservation of important species and habitats for Nature conservation; Forestry management and recuperation of burnt forestry areas; Promotion of traditional ways of exploring our soil - agriculture and shepherding.
3. Creation of job opportunities regarding the rural environment: Promotion and diversification of the economy, accompanied by the acquisition of new skills by the local populations.

Cada um pode mudar o mundo partindo do princípio que o mundo começa em si mesmo.

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